Sales Policy

All images on The Thing of the Moment, The Thing of the Moment Gallery, and The Thing of the Moment/flickr, The Thing of the Moment/facebook (Collectively referred to as TTotM) are generally not available for sale or licensing and any use other than viewing online is usually discouraged.


1. Human subjects appearing in TTotM may obtain digital images online free of charge provided the following criteria are met: a) I asked to photograph you and you graciously agreed AND/OR b) I snuck your photo and you found out about it when your aunt, neighbor, Parole Officer etc. called to tell you they saw it and you had a reasonable expectation of privacy.

2. Photos of Human Subjects appearing in/on TTotM are not for sale to third parties, may not be used for commerical or non commercial purposes, and there are no model releases available for any reason.


First Wedding: $50,000 payable in cash or transfereable securities with no guarantee of quantity or quality or that it would be anything more than a random collection of T and A shots of the bridal party and guests.

Second Wedding: $25,000 payable by cash, cashiers check, or major credit card in US funds only unless paying in Euro or British Sterling if it's an outdoor wedding and you don't mind the tops of your guests heads in most of the shots.

Third and Subsequent Weddings: 25 bucks plus a hamburger from the grill.

All images © 2000-2012 Jeff Kirlin